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composer & producer


The combination of music and visuals, and the way they can affect each other, has always fascinated me. What you see will make more impact when it gets supported by the right sounds, and vice versa. As a child I always used to listen to music - or be humming/ singing to myself - while observing the world around me. In high school I got my first composing and recording assignment, for the school's yearly theatre production. Years later I scored professional theatre productions by for instance Fred Delfgaauw, Sjaak Bral and Ida van Dril.


Besides making music for theatre, I also compose and produce music for video/ film productions, including (short) movies and documentaries. Some companies I've worked for are Travis Films, NTR/VPRO, NCD, Orsima and FCCE.


I have also done lots of recording and engineering jobs, for my own productions as well as for other artists (such as Candy Dulfer and Mr. Polska) and have shared the studio and/or worked on projects with artists from all over the world and of various genres, including Joseph Bowie/ Defunkt, producer Boaz v/d Beatz, jazz saxophonist Jonny Boston and Motown singers Jim Gilstrap and Sherlie Matthews.


Over the years I have also written, composed and produced several original CD productions and a musical theatre show called "Inmusication".



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